I am an award-winning Creative Director / Art Director with over twenty years of experience in marketing communications.
The first fifteen years of my career, were spent in a Top 20 London agency. Here I worked as one half of an ATL creative duo on national and global brands. 
My primary focus is, and has always been, the idea. Whether this is broadcast media, social, video content, retail, print, web & mobile, outdoor, in-store, direct, shopper marketing or POS; the idea has always driven the output. Large budgets, small budgets, no budgets, all sectors and creative channels have been treated with the same passion and relatable, original thinking. I’ve learnt how to manage, persuade, hand-hold, inspire and coerce over the years, but always, I like to think without the histrionics.
I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to see the world and gain a plethora of experiences: I’ve been an awards juror; lectured; directed TV commercials; sat on the board; worked at various global network offices and I’ve shot ads for homeopathic pile cream at 3 a.m on Streatham High Street.
I’m ready for my next adventure.
The Shopper Agency - Creative Director 2017 - 2018
CreativeRace / Gratterpalm - Creative Director  2012 - 2016
Uber Agency - Creative Director  2007 - 2012
Foote Cone Belding London - Senior Creative  1998 - 2007
Banks Hoggins O'Shea - Junior Creative  1993 - 1998

Aside from award wins, there are certain experiences and achievements that have shaped my career as an Art Director and Creative Director.
• I have worked in several global FCB network offices including San Fransisco, Milan, Hamburg, Paris and Budapest.
• Judged Creative Circle Awards • Tutored on IPA 4 for account handlers • Judged Ariel Radio Awards • Ran D&AD workshops • Tutored at the Creative Circle Role Reversal Seminars • Ran workshops and lectured at several colleges including Buckinghamshire Advertising Course and Leeds College of Art.
• I have directed TV commercials and virals. My directorial debut, the Lionel Blair viral, was voted The Sun’s viral of the week and FHM’s viral of the month. The second, the Wizz air TV commercial, was a finalist at Cannes. The third, for Ultimate Poker, was a complex shoot filming wild animals. And finally, the Wayne Rooney viral received coverage around the world off the back of a daft gag and a weeny budget.
• Not that they are the be all and end all... but I have been fortunate enough to win and be nominated for various awards throughout my career.
BT Business In The Community for BAAF • Cannes Finalist for Wizz Air • Creative Circle Bronze for Lucies Farm • Campaign Press Silver for Lucies Farm • Gramia Award for Lucies Farm • Gramia Gold for Weetabix • Campaign Press Commendation for Waitrose • Campaign Press Silver for Waitrose • IPA Best of the Best Awards Nomination for Best Art Director • Gramia Gold for Waitrose • Cannes Finalist for Nelsons Haemorrhoid Cream • Creative Circle Bronze for Virgin Interactive • Clio Award Finalist for Daihatsu TV • New York Festivals Finalist for Daihatsu TV • Aerial Awards Finalist for Daihatsu • Chipshop Awards for various • Fresh Awards for DFS • Roses Awards for Gratterpalm 
• Without wishing to sound like a screaming show pony I am most proud of winning Sony's Undiscovered Photographer of the Year Competition.

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